Ladies I just want to say that if you have even been thinking about doing a boudoir with Jen you need to! I felt so comfortable with her and she reassured me the entire session. And it was also very cool to have time to myself and get my makeup done I mean I felt like a rockstar! I have always struggled with confidence and to be able to see pictures that exude confidence is empowering. It made me feel like man I can be that sexy confident woman. The photos came out stunning and obviously my husband is in love with them, but more importantly I am too. I stopped giving myself excuses about why I shouldn’t have a boudoir ( like being 4 months post partum) and dove in and I am so happy I did. We are all beautiful, we deserve the memories and to have some of our beauty captured forever. Thank you Jen I am honestly so grateful.
— Megan C.
I decided I wanted to do something special for myself so I booked a boudoir session with Jen. I was definitely a little nervous going into it but Jen made me feel so comfortable. It was so fun to get pampered with the hair and makeup, which came out exactly as I wanted by the way. Jen and I had a lot of fun, laughing throughout the session. I was so excited to see the pictures when we were done. I was not disappointed, in fact I was blown away. The pictures are amazing, better than I could have even hoped for and it was an amazing experience I will never forget.
— Amy W.
Going into my boudoir session with Jen, I was a bit nervous and had very low expectations, neither of which had anything to do with Jen but all to do with my body acceptance or lack thereof. After having my second kid 6 months ago, I’m not my most fit self. I was very surprised that I actually liked the photos. Self/body acceptance is a tough thing for a lot of people. I totally attribute it to Jen’s photography skills. Thanks to Jen, I was totally comfortable during the shoot and can see beauty in myself which is what I’d wish for every woman!
— Kristy H.
As a mother, I spend more time behind the camera than in front of it. I’m always waiting to schedule family photos when I lose a bit more weight, or have the perfect hairday...but honestly it’s just easier to schedule the kids because they seem to always be adorable...even on a bad hair day!
My mom passed away last month and I was quickly shown how important photos are. They are now the only memories I have of her...and I would give anything to have more photos...she was always waiting for that perfect time.

Don’t wait...don’t put it off...give yourself (or someone you love) the gift of a day of pampering and photos to capture this season of your life. My session with Jen captured, confidence, life, love...she captured it all in a fun session that made me feel comfortable and beautiful. And her camera captured moments that I will treasure forever and pass on to my children.

Enjoy the moment and capture the beauty in now!
— Jen R.
Jen takes AMAZING Pictures and is easy to work with! Will definitely go back.
— Jessica B.
Jenifer does a great job coming up with poses but is also great with candid shots. I won’t go to anyone else!
— Jennifer O.