In order to book with Jen Needham Photography, you must agree to the following (you will be required to initial a document during booking agreeing to policies): 

Booking: You will receive an email confirming your appointment; it will include a link to your Client Portal, where there is pertinent info for getting ready, such as my Prep Guide & Lingerie Guide, and it will also include a link to my questionnaire, model release and services contract , which you are REQUIRED to review & sign electronically within 48 hours of booking.

Illness: If you are ill AT ALL, your schedule MUST be rescheduled. This is important and there are NO exemptions. Jen's husband is on immune system suppressing meds, exposing her to bugs can GREATLY affect her hubby- please be respectful and reschedule. You MUST actually be ill to qualify, send an email to at MINIMUM 48 hours before your session to be eligible for a reschedule..

Location: Unless previously discussed, all sessions will take place at our private residential studio in Surprise, AZ. The address will be sent after booking for privacy.

Rescheduling: There are no reschedules available. The ONLY exception to this is for illness and must be communicated to at MINIMUM 48 hours before your session to be eligible for a reschedule. You MUST actually be ill to qualify. If there is a legitimate emergency, please also send us an email and we will do our best to accommodate a reschedule- though keep in mine, this is not a guarantee and it will be on a case by case basis.

Cancellation: The session fee is non-refundable in the event you must cancel your session. There are no exceptions.

Tardiness: Please try not to arrive more than 5 minutes early, and no more than 10 minutes late. Time will be deducted from your photo shoot, or a rescheduling fee will go into effect.

Guests: One female guest is allowed during hair and makeup, but they must leave for the photo shoot due to space constraints. Guests are NOT allowed to wait on premises.

Alcohol (and other drugs): Should you want to bring any alcohol, there is a strict ONE drink limit. We want your photos to be as amazing as possible, so you to be coherent and not glossy (or red) eyed for your session. Because marijuana is legal in our state, we understand that you may need it medicinally. However, please keep your use to a minimum to you can be at your best for your session. Any other drugs are strictly prohibited.

Props: Props must be approved by the photographer in advance of the shoot. Firearms or other weapons are STRICTLY prohibited.

Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment: Artwork is sold separately from the session fee. Pricing is subject to change at any time, and without notice. You will be invited to a virtual reveal via video chat for a reveal of your photos within 30 calendar days of your session. Your ordering appointment will be the only opportunity to purchase artwork. Un-purchased images are purged immediately after the ordering appointment. Payment is due in-full unless you choose to prepay (email to do so). JNP accepts cash, debit, all major credit cards, PayPal Credit and Square Installments. We no longer offer in house payment plans under any circumstances. You MUST schedule your ordering appointment within 2 weeks of receiving the email to do so. Failure to schedule within that time will result in your photos being permanently purged and all monies paid forfeited.

Final Sale: All sales are final, per the sales contract you will be required to sign at your ordering appointment.

Purchase Minimum: For each session booked, there is a minimum collection purchase of our smallest collection (Silver Collection).

Pets: We have both cats and dogs in our residence. If you have allergies to either, please book at your discretion.