Curating Your Social Media - Body Positive Style

Photo by @boudoirbyjnp

Photo by @boudoirbyjnp

Whether you’re just starting down y our own journey towards self love (hell, even just starting with self acceptance) or a veteran bopo babe, one of the best things you can do is curate your social media to reflect the mindset you’re working towards. Let’s be honest, we all spend a giant portion of our lives in the social media realm. Keeping that in mind, these people and businesses that you’re following, likely have a much larger impact on your own body image than you may think, so it’s really important to make sure you’re seeing positive messages rather than more diet culture bullshit (yuck).

Looking for some amazing body positive folks who can help plant those little #boposeeds?

Here are some of my personal favorite people + accounts in the bodyposi community:

  • Jen Needham @boudoirbyjnp + @empowererofbabes: Hi, this is me! Follow my boudoir account for photos of all sized bodies feeling beautiful. Find photos of me and my body positive journey on my empowererofbabes account.

  • Shannon Smith @artistshannonsmith: Shannon is a body positive photographer and educator based in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Ady Del Valle @_adydelvalle: Model, author and speaker focusing on body positive and queer representation

  • Carina Shero @unskinnyshero: “Transforming the way society perceives fat people”

  • Leecie Munster @leeciemunster: Leecie is an Australian body positive warrior and model

  • Summer Innanen @summerinnanen: Host of Fearless Rebel Radio and author of Body Image Remix, body image coach

  • Virgie Tovar @virgietovar: Creator of #losehatenotweight, author of You Have the Right to Remain Fat

  • Alex Sundstrom @chubbystruggles: Alex is a plus size model as well as a self love and sex writer based in Texas

  • Lizzo @lizzobeeating: Musician, body positive activist

  • Kayla Logan @kaylaloganblog: Kayla is a blogger, body love and mental health champion

  • Full of Freckles Illustrations: Super freaking adorable fat positive illustrator

  • Body Positive Inspo: “A digital space for all bodies.”

  • Madeline @crooked_loves: IMadeline lies with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita and is an advocate for disabled bodies

  • 4th Trimester Bodies Project: This is a really beautiful account geared towards postpartum folx and parents.

  • Glitter and Lazers: Body positive speaker and author

  • Christine @fatqueenchristine: self described body positive badass and mental health warrior

  • Substantia Jones @adipositivity: Subtstantia is a photo-activist focusing on feminism and “cunty counterculturalism”

  • Tess Holiday @tessholliday: Tess is a plus size model and the creator of @effyourbeautystandards

  • Nick Holliday @nickhollidayco: Not to be outdone by his wife, Tess, Nick is a body image activist and an outstanding artist

  • Megan Jayne Crabbe @bodyposipanda: Author of “Body Positive Power”

  • Rose Geil @lunchboxscoresagain: “Seeking comfort in my own body. Accepting hirsutism, grey hair and all.”

  • Teri Hofford @terihofford: Teri is a speaker, photographer, educator and body image activist

  • Anna Chapman @iamannachapman: Anna is a certified yoga and body love yoga teacher who also focuses on social justive and size diversity advocation.

  • Jazzmyne @jazzmynejay: Jazzmyne is a body positive contributor at BuzzFeed

  • Maya Moon @mayamoonpoet: Performance artist and writer, from NY.

  • Nathalia @lovingmydots: Looking for self love, real talk and inspirational stories? Nathalia is your girl.

  • Jameela Jamil @jameelajamilofficial: Jameela is an actress and feminist working against body shame. Also check out her @i_weigh campaign.

  • For Women Who Roar @forwomenwhoroar: “A storytelling media platform that elevates the stories of womxn”

  • Antonio Paramo @paramoart: Body positive illustrations and commissioned art

  • All Womxn Project @allwomxnproject: Representing all womxn in their beautiful forms

  • Gabi Fresh @gabifresh: Plus size model with lingerie + swim collections

  • Troy @abearnamedtroy: Musician + bopo super fashionista

  • Sonalee @thefatsextherapist: Radical fat liberation

  • Kyle Needham @waltersmythe: Feminist, body image activist and my kick ass hubby

  • Ashlee Bennett @bodyimage_therapist: Art psychotherapist and consultant for body image, internalised fat phobia and more

  • Meg Boggs @meg.boggs: Postpartum and body positive activist

  • Joanna @joannathangiah: Feminist, queer and bopo art

  • Melissa Fabello, PhD @fyeahmfabello: Feminist wellness education, sex, body politics and more

  • Whitney Way Thore @whitneywaythore: Body positive activist, reality tv star (My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC)

  • Winnie Harlow @winnieharlow: Winniw is a model using her platform to focus on speaking your truth

  • Ashley Graham @ashleygraham: Body positive model and activist

  • Body Positive Memes @bodypositivememes

  • Taryn Brumfitt @bodyimagemovement: Director of the documentary Embrace, speaker, author and lover of people

  • Erin Bogle @biggirlyyc: Erin is a size inclusive advocate

Ready to continue your body acceptance work? Check out this blog post by my girl Shannon Smith to find the 5 Steps to Start Your Self Love Journey.