Walking the Walk.

I recently had the pleasure of getting nakey with the talented (and so sweet!) Whitney Lester, of Whitney Lester Boudoir based in Moscow, ID. To say we had a blast is an understatement. Also, I got naked.

I truly believe that “walking the walk” is a VITAL part of being a boudoir photographer. If my lovely clients can find it in themselves to get vulnerable af and strip down for me, I better fucking do it too.

There is nothing more liberating or empowering than stripping down to your birthday suit and embracing your body, every little bit of it, in front of someone’s lens.

You see, I have been bullied and teased for my body size so many times through my life. It wasn’t until I started photographing women that I was able to work through my own shit around my body. Empowering women, seeing them literally bloom in front of my camera, helped me love my own self too. Over the years that I’ve been in this field, I have bloomed right next to my babes.

I’m D O N E with hating my big, soft, cozy, scarred body. I am going to love this body that’s carried me through an amazingly full, juicy life. Cause I deserve it damn it.

Thank you Whitney, for helping me love myself a little more.

Scroll down to see the magic Whitney made!