Just say no to baby dolls- PLEASE!

Babydolls. Ohhh I loathe them. When we dislike our tummies, our first thought is to want to 'hide' them. When ladies want to hide their tummy, they often want to reach for a babydoll. You know the ones, super cute on top and then ALLOFTHEFABRIC that flows away from your body in the midsection. 

I had my babely assistant, Kim, come in and do a little modeling for me to show you the difference.


IT'S AMAZING RIGHT?! The difference is INSANE. On the left, the babydoll does absolutely nothing for Kim's gorgeous curves, they just disappear in the flow fabric. On the right- OH YES. We can see and appreciate every curve in this kick ass bodysuit! 

When you come in for a session with me, don't forget that I have a HUGE lingerie closet for you to pick from... and it includes tons of epic bodysuits!