Client Journal Entry, Ruby J.

Ruby says:

“Beauty standards are becoming more and more negative. You see young girls walking around looking like they are older then their actual age. There is no reason why young girls should feel like they need to be 20 years old at the age of 13 or 15. Young girls should feel beautiful in their natural skin. I wanted to look like the other girls my age. I always felt like an outsider with other girls my age, because I was fat and ugly. But as I got older I realized I was beautiful and my fat body was apart of me.

I had always wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot and I'm so glad I did. After doing my shoot I walked out of Jen's house, I screamed with excitement. I finally was able to do something for myself and feel better about myself. I would recommend doing a boudoir photo shoot, it will make you feel more comfortable and happy with yourself afterwards!