Port Angeles Boudoir - Loving myself, with all of my flaws exposed.


I just had the reveal for my 2nd shoot, and I was so excited to see all of my pictures. We did so many fun things, I was positive I knew what my favorites would be. But, somewhere right in the middle of the reveal, my "perfect" picture popped up, and it was not the one I thought it would be. 

I was standing, in a beautiful bra and panty set, with the rest of my body bare. All of my tan lines, stretch marks and pudgy parts are showing, but I am the most beautiful I have ever been in my eyes. Not because I'm nearly naked, or because of the stunning hair and makeup job. Simply because I am comfortable and I feel great about myself in the beautiful studio, surrounded by a few amazing, empowering and beautiful women.

This picture is my favorite because it is ME. All of me, real, with all my flaws exposed and I am more gorgeous because of it. - Brianna Kelly

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