Client Spotlight - Lacy, Port Angeles Boudoir


I have always struggled with self love, my journey to love myself entirely hasn't been easy, but it has been the best thing that has happened besides my kids. I have always believed what media and others say how women should look, what size clothing, etc. I have battled with trauma throughout my life, I have battled with severe bullying & depression from school age through adulthood, I have always been in toxic relationships because I felt that was what I deserved and the only way someone would love me; I was taught to "suck it up, it happens to everyone". November 2015 changed my life forever when I almost lost my life from complications from a c-section, I was expected to die, I held on and fought like never before, I recovered and here I am stronger than ever! I love myself in different ways daily, I embrace my sexuality and I am me.

Doing a Boudoir photo shoot has been on my bucket list for a long time and what a better time to do it than on my continuous journey of self love, in all honestly it gave me another huge push forward. I was so nervous (and yes I cried) but these ladies took all that away very shortly after I walked in the door. I have honestly never felt more sexy than when I was with Jen and Liz at the studio! I had the best time ever and I can't wait to do it again next spring! 
I encourage all women to do it at least once, do it for you, fall in love with yourself! I promise you won't regret it! We are all beautiful & sexy!