I finally felt beautiful in my skin.

I’ve always struggled with my self-esteem. I’ve always been a curvy girl. Every time I would scroll, scroll, scroll through social media and admire the beauty in women I would cringe inside and wish I could be just like them. I would compare myself to all of those girls just oozing with sass. If only I looked like her, I would also take photos and feel pretty. I would feel worthy of being in front of the camera lense. If only I lost weight. If only, if only, if only. 

Then Jen introduced me to the radical idea that that I could and was and am worthy of being in front of the camera just as I am. I didn’t need to lose weight. I didn’t need the sass. I am good enough just by being me! Hmmm. I didn’t know about that. Actually, I was positive that she was crazy. So I would laugh off her messages and think to myself that she was just being kind. She’s just being nice. 

Then one day the opportunity to be in Washington came up. I was going to attend an event all about love. And about sharing your story. Maybe this was a sign that it was time to take a chance on facing my fears - half naked and all.

So I did. And it was nothing short of a celebration that lead to the first steps in radical self love. Seeing my photos for the first time was life changing. Sure, that sounds dramatic and far fetched. But it’s the truth. I looked through my photos and felt worthy of them. Worthy of myself. My curves, my edges, all of the imperfections that come with being human....worthy. 

I finally felt beautiful in my skin. Empowered. It was the self love revolution I absolutely needed to start.

-Patricia D.