Robin B.

Meet Robin, one of the bravest souls I've met. Robin originally booked her boudoir session with me for a special gift for her husband. Although she went into it fearful of the unknown, Robin said it was much more relaxing than she'd expected and she was surprised at how much fun we had! 
It was important to Robin to share her images that showcased her scars, left from her double mastectomy after a battle with breast cancer. Robin really wanted to express to women that sexuality (and beauty!) is inside of all of us, not just the outside. 

Robin says, "Jen did a great job of letting me vocalize with my scars that I saved my life with my choices...and I am full of life by the way! All survivors are full of a life that many will never understand. Show off those scars as they are the trophies for our tears! " 

Here are a few of the beautiful, soul bearing images from Robin's session.