Liz B.

Meet Liz! She is such a fun, bubbly person! Liz booked her session as an anniversary gift for her fiance, but once she saw the photos of herself she couldn't believe her eyes. Liz said she was in shock at just how beautiful she really is and I am so thankful I was able to show that to her!


About her experience with myself and Alexandrea, Liz wrote " These girls were so welcoming from the get go. Very professional and comfortable. I had no worries and no uncomfortable situations while in their presence. The studio is very private, although I'm not bashful, so it wouldn't have bothered me anyways. Jen was very informative with all the posing for the photos as well since I was new to posing. And Alex used some magical creations on my face to make it flawless and so soft. I think her word was "porcelain". It was amazing. Great gals."

I am so grateful for the chance to get to know Liz a bit!