Babe Revolution


What the hell is Babe Revolution?

Maybe (hopefully!) you've noticed that there's this fucking awesome shift happening in society- 
women are learning to LOVE their bodies and the rest of their awesome selves!

For way too long, our world has told us to step back, to quiet ourselves, to shrink our bodies and our minds, to not be so much. But we are waking up. We are realizing that what we were taught was total bullshit. 

We should LOVE ourselves. 

We should celebrate our bodies.

We should mother. fucking. BLOOM.

Babe Revolution is my way of sharing ways to do just that. It's an e-series by women, for women. And it all happens inside my kick ass Facebook group, Self Love Revolutionaries

For our calls, I bring kick ass women in to share on topics they are passionate and knowledgeable on. So far we've had a stellar intuitive/life coach, a barre teacher and the founder of Her-Tility speak to our babes. 

What can you bring to our ladies?

Topics we can't get enough of:
-body positivity
-self love


Think you might have something our ladies need to hear? Please fill out the form below. If you might be a fit for our community, Jen will be in touch. 


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