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Let's get you started on your journey to self love and empowerment!

Here's what you need to know...

Boudoir is first and foremost for youMy favorite people to work with are women who are genuinely interested in seeing themselves from an outside perspective - it takes bravery to step in front of the camera, especially in your undies! At the end of this journey, you're going to be seeing yourself with fresh, empowered eyes. If someone else gets to enjoy the photos afterward - that's just a great big cherry on top. 

It's 100% normal to be nervous. No one walks into their session day without some level of nervous energy, and that is totally okay! Pretty much every woman I've worked with has nit-picked themselves to death, but I can promise you that I will counter all of your perceived insecurities with kind words. If there's one thing I've learned from my work, it's that we spend WAY too much time overthinking shit, when no one else that matters is even noticing or caring about these little things. 

I have loads of education, training, and experience. I've been a photographer for nearly 7 years, so I know just how to use lighting and posing to bring out your most beautiful, radiant self. You DON'T have to be a model to do boudoir - every woman you see on my website are "regular" people. You don't need to know how to pose, that's my job and I'll walk you through everything step-by-step, so don't you worry 'bout a thing! 

Don't wait forever. Screw losing/gaining pounds first! Boudoir is all about celebrating the body that you have RIGHT NOW. Screw societal beauty standards, screw insecurities - it's your BODY. Your vessel through this journey we call life. OWN it! You deserve to see how sexy you are. Plus, once you see yourself from a more intimate perspective, you'll bring more confidence to everyday situations, especially ones that involve a camera. 

What To Expect

From Start To Finish!


Getting Ready For Your Shoot

Once you've booked your session you'll have access to my Prep + Lingerie Guides, which are full of super duper helpful tools to help you get ready for your session.
My prep guide walks you through what to think about/do from the month, week, and even the day before your session and my lingerie guide goes over types of lingerie and how to de/emphasize particular features... so there's literally NO guesswork to be done! You can also reach out to me any time for help.


For your shoot, you have the option to add on makeup styling by our preferred makeup artist, Cheyenne Finkley for an additional $85.
All shoots also include wardrobe guidance by me- we're in this together!
PLUS! I have a kick ass lingerie closet you're welcome to pull from, with sizes XS to 4XL!

Your Photo Shoot

The day of your shoot, you'll arrive at the studio to find me waiting for you. You'll come in, we'll chat a bit, and get started on styling!
Then it's time for the shoot.. don't worry about posing- that’s all on me! I will walk you through
posing and expressions, don't worry. I have tons of tips and tricks that will keep your mind off of your nerves. 

The Big Reveal

The BEST part! A couple of weeks after your photo shoot, we’ll get to do a virtual (over live video chat) image reveal and ordering appointment.
This is when you'll get to see your gorgeous photos and choose what goodies you'd like to buy.


The Boudoir Investment


Sessions start at 399, artwork is sold separately with collections starting at 1485.