Client Journal Entry, Angela C. - Port Angeles Boudoir

I am so happy I did this photo shoot, as I am able to see myself in a different light. I think day to day duties, tasks, and work can get in the way of how we see ourselves. I think doing something out of your comfort zone and of the ordinary is a good thing. I appreciate how my body looks even more after seeing the pictures. I can see myself as beautiful and sexy in those pictures!

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Jen Needham
Holiday Turnaround Info!

Our holiday deadline is fast approaching! Read the post for info!

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Client Journal Entry - Boudoir Photography in Port Angeles, WA.
Body image babble

Our society needs to do better. We need to teach our babies, our kids, our friends.. that a person's worth is NOT based upon their appearance. 

Every single day of my life, I take it upon myself to be that voice. I want better for the next generation. Fuck, I want better for myself. 

I choose to be the change, to be the voice we need. If not me, than who? 

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We are so much more, if we just embrace our lovely bodies, a love letter from Erin on her Port Angeles Boudoir experience.

After having two children and gaining weight from stress and depression, there really wasn't a lot that I loved about myself.

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Katie H., Port Angeles, WA
Port Angeles Boudoir - Loving myself, with all of my flaws exposed.

We did so many fun things, I was positive I knew what my favorites would be. But, somewhere right in the middle of the reveal, my "perfect" picture popped up, and it was not the one I thought it would be...

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Thank you for teaching me how to love myself.